Favs of the week

Happy New Year! Goals set for the year? I know that 2019 is going to be a incredible year. I personally have many goals set for myself and to accomplish those the #1 thing I personally need to is block out time to study my planner, see if goals are being set in timeline that I aimed for and the resetting. Do you feel this way as well?! I find myself doing to-do lists but what is the big goal that you are trying to accomplish & is the task really necessarily to accomplish today or can that be pushed off? I Included my fav to-do list that I use at work, TM.com & share it with co-workers all the time.

Shot by:  Matt Roy  Location: Flamingo Park - Miami Outfit:  Fit Atelier

Shot by: Matt Roy Location: Flamingo Park - Miami Outfit: Fit Atelier

So, 5 FAV things of the week. What are yours? Hope these are some new things for you to look into and try or maybe a reminder of something you already have at home that you could bring out in the new year to accomplish your healthy lifestyle goals for 2019. I am going to work on doing this post more this year and may include inspirational videos, places to travel that I just visited, clothing, home decor etc.

Eeek- yay 2019- let’s go!

[ 1 ]

  • Stalked planners for month plus & hands down was my fav out of the most popular ones

  • daily, weekly, monthly & plenty of space to write details

  • OCD peeps, promise this will be a winner for you

[ 2 ]

  • my mom raised me taking homeopathic medicine + Bach flower remedies

  • Bach claimed that dew found on flower petals retain imagined healing properties of that plant

  • Currently taking ‘Walnut’ that allows your to make or adapt to major life changes w/o the influence of others { Defn research these babies and think you will enjoy them }

[ 3 ]

  • journaling is a great way to get your thoughts out

  • made a rule with myself after working with a life/business coach- only forward thinking, planning and venting ;)

  • ok to vent about things but what are you going to do do change them- once I start to feel like a “victim” then its time to snap back into reality - you will not create or do your highest potential when in that mindset

  • set 5 min timer & just write ~ have fun with it…

[ 4 ]

  • can wear with crop top, chunky sweater, work shirt, jean jacket..

  • need I say more? lol - staple piece and comes in 9 colors

  • runs small so may need to size up a size- I am size 4 and have size 27

[ 5 ]

  • redecorating my place to allow for 1/2 of my living room to be my work space (art etc)

  • vintage look , modern technology, bluetooth (must) & diff color options

  • like to travel? take this baby with you

Thank you for stopping by and would love to hear from you in the comments below on your New Years goals below in the comment box & how you plan on accomplishing those? Let me know if I can help in anyway + I may be reaching out to you for your expertise! ;) Have a good day!