NYFW solo + 8 tips/places to check out in NYC.

It is that time- NYFW started last week and will go on all week. Have you been following NYFW at all? My first NYFW was busy as all get out and we ran from place to place. I carried a bag of clothes with me to change into to shoot and then we would head to the next place. What a blast, lots of work & such a great experience.

This NYFW, I am more niched on what I want to spend my time on with my business and did not have the extra energy with everything happening back in QC with my full-time job, art taking off etc. It actually feels much more authentic this way. You know what I mean? Usually with NYFW, you are working with 30 and there is so much that goes in it behind the scenes. It was nice to enjoy some QT time alone and spend more time focusing on shooting for my modeling agency and visiting special friends along the trip. I wanted to do a quick wrap of 8 suggestions for the next time you go to NYFW or you can use these if you are just going to vaca up to NYC. It is places I went and you should check out if it tickles your fancy.

Photo Cred: In Vogue Photography

Photo Cred: In Vogue Photography

1- Beacon Closet

Vintage lovers out there? This is your place. Want something unique that no one has? I found a purse and I could not be happier with the purchase. Follow me on Insta @tessmachen & will be showing my find this week. eek! I went to the Beacon Closet Manhattan. If you go, let me know. They have other locations as well + other suggested to me are Feng Sway, L Train Vintage and Friends.


2- Ask for Forgiveness after the Fact

I attended a fashion show and had standing room. I went in the line and the guy ended up sending me in the line to have a seat. I sat in the front row and no one sat where I sat so ended up with not only seating but front row. Moral of the story- you don’t know till you try + don’t follow all the rules. More fun this way- do this with everything in life. haha

3-Carry a Bucket Bag + Day/Night Outfit

I stayed far away this time from where I usually stayed so I wore an outfit to Reward Style event, Fashion Show during the day and then wore the same dress below to dinner solo and then to see Anastasia. This jean jacket is perfect to throw or the leather jacket below as well. I threw the flats below in my bag because I knew I would need to wear these in between plus there was no time for going back to change with everything planned. I included the bucket bag I used and also a shoe bag (on Amazon best seller list) that I used for my trip but also use since I work uptown and wear flip flops to work.

4- Broadway Tickets

You can always find a deal on tickets- even Hamilton. If you have the flex with your trip to NYC then call day of and also go to the theater to see what deals they have. You will be surprised what a great deal you will get. I saw ‘Anastasia’ for $69.50- deal! What show have you been wanting to see? Hamilton is on my list next.

5- ‘Hotel Tonight’ the App

Have this on your phone? If not, stop everything you are doing and download. I stayed at Nomo Soho through this app before and Sunday night in NYC they had places for $99 a night and great places to stay. You can use the app in any city. Use the $ you save to go to a bad ass dinner.

6-Boozy Brunch- $35 + loud booty music

Defn check out Horchata if you are in the area. Beacon’s closet is right there and you can have unlimited sangria, mimosas, beer plus guac & chips, meal with a side of booty music. Met a girlfriend here who used to live in Charlotte and it was the perfect spot before we dug into the vintage clothing at Beacon’s. Shopping is always fun with champs before, right?

7- Annie Bing $79.00 tee shirt

I found Annie Bing on Instagram and if you love a good tee shirt then defn check hers out, ‘perfect tee’. I snagged a small in the ivory. They are currently out in the navy but have other graphic tees. Her shoes are phenom- well, everything is. @anniebing. Linked for the ‘perfect tee’ that I got (fabric is so nice) + boots that I tried on and have my eye on the blue ones. Like those too?

8- Trip solo is a Must

Normally I got to NYFW with a bunch of things planned and with people the whole time. I decided this trip I wanted to do my own thing and meet with people along the way. I got a little of both worlds in one trip and got to recharge my battery. NYC is the perfect place to travel solo. Have you done it before? If not, where would you like to go?

tessa-machen-charlotte-artist .JPG

Would love to hear your tips & tricks for NYFW and traveling to NYC as well! Comment below or feel free to e-mail me at tessamachen@gmail.com. I am going to be putting more effort to travel more for vaca + work so stay tuned. As always, thanks for stopping by!