Filler for your Cheeks? Yes!
tessa machen

Filler in your cheeks? I'm excited to tell you more about it if you have never heard of it, had it done it in the past or maybe haven't started on a skin care routine. This post is for you. As most of you know, I work with Miramae Skincare Studio that is based in Charlotte, NC. I have known Rhonda & Mandy for years. I started going to Rhonda when I was managing a tanning salon, outside on the boat with no screen and skin care routine- #disaster.

Over the years, I have learned so much from Mandy and Rhonda and they have educated me on proper skincare and informing me that injections done correctly can help with prevention + can look 100% natural. My number #1 goal with posting about skincare and working with Miramae is to inform people of all the amazing options there are for us in 2018, how natural it is and how confident it can make certain people feel about themselves.

To start with the basics- Filler is typically from the nose down and botox is from eyes up. You can use botox above your lip to prevent those pesky “smokers lines” & to also create the "lip flip" (left link for you at the end of this post to read more) There are many other places for botox in the lower face but I’ll save that for a later post.  

So, why would someone get filler in their cheeks?

*helps to lift the lines from the nose to the mouth a.k.a your nasolabial folds

*adds volume to your outer cheeks and/or apples of the cheek

*gives your face an overall more structured look

*defines & lifts

Ok, so if one or more of these benefits sound appealing to you, here’s where to start:

*set up a consultation with Mandy & you can text/call - 980-221-6487

*start with 1 syringe of Restylane Lyft then add more in 2 weeks if needed (Mandy recommends starting light.  Her motto is it’s easier to add more than to take it out.)

How long does it last?

*filler lasts 9-12 months

*can touch up @ 6 months | use 1 syringe & split on right and left cheek

*typically in 20s & 30s you can use 1-2 syringes

*Here is why I loved it & why I think it's worth trying.

*Mandy placed the filler on the cheekbone close to my hairline.  She did this to hide the filler b/c I didn’t need more structure to my outer cheeks.  Our goal was to create a lift to the lines from my nose to mouth (nasolabial folds).

*Used 1 syringe & then split it between R & L

*noticed a difference right away

*went out to dinner/drinks with my blogger babes - so no downtime at all

*avoided laying on the side of my face for the first few days

*would like to do 1 syringe in each cheek next time / would be more noticeable but starting off I would defn recommend starting with 1 or whatever Mandy suggests


*1 syringe is $600

>1 syringe a year = $50 month save each month

>1 syringe every 6 months = $100 save each month

So, what do you think? I would love to hear from you below in the comment box. Feel free to reach out to Miramae with any questions through their Instagram (click here) or you can e-mail them as well at If you want to read how you can use botox in other places than your forehead and around your eyes then click here and you can also read more of an introduction on Mandy & Rhonda here. Thank you for stopping by and wish the best day!   

tessa machen