14 easy ways to take care of your eyelash extensions.
Photo Cred & MAKEUP  :  Stewart Hough

Photo Cred & MAKEUP: Stewart Hough

Hey there! How is your day going? I get questions quite a bit about where I get my eyelash extensions done but have also been getting quite a few questions about how to take of them with working out, traveling during the summer and for those beach trips that we just live for during the summer. I thought it would be helpful to put all the info in a blog post for you so in case you are thinking about getting eyelash extensions for the first time, looking for a new person to try out or wanting to learn how you can maintain your lashes longer. 

Sissy Duncan from 'Simply Beautiful Artistry' and I have known one another through the modeling world here and Charlotte and absolutely love how she does eyelash extensions. She makes sure to keep everything very natural looking and is focused on making sure your real lashes stay healthy. She will refrain from putting too many extensions in a certain area of your lashes if your lashes are going through a regrowth phase or need to grow out from wearing lashes done by someone else that are too heavy for your natural lashes. Sissy put mink lashes on me and they are my favorite- very natural and love how fluffy they look in photos for my business and with modeling photos for my modeling agency, Directions.

You can also do classic full set that are $125, Hybrid are $155 and Volume is $200 plus. Fill-ins are done by the hour- 30 minutes is $35, 45 minutes is $50, 50 minutes is $55, 1 hour is $65 and 1 hour and 30 minutes is $105. Lashes after 5 weeks are considered a full set and if your lashes are 60% missing then it considered a full set. Mention my name and get 15% off. 

Photo Cred  :  Jake Pierce   |   Styling:   me ( wanted to hold something that would pop in pictures so snagged this turquoise piece that I wear on a long silver chain) | Need me to help style your next shoot? tessamachen@gmail.com xo 

Photo Cred: Jake Pierce  | Styling: me ( wanted to hold something that would pop in pictures so snagged this turquoise piece that I wear on a long silver chain) | Need me to help style your next shoot? tessamachen@gmail.com xo 

14 EASY ways to take care

of your

eyelash extensions:

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1. Make sure to not rub, pick or pull on your lash extensions. It can really damage your natural lashes.

2. Avoid using oily products on your face. Use only oil-free products because the oil will cause your lashes to come off faster. I use this makeup remover to get my eyeliner off.

3. Avoid putting mascara on them. Tubing mascara is always great to use. 

4. Clean your lashes with oil-free cleanser- daily. Here is what I use 2x a day for skin care. 

5. Comb your lashes daily to prevent them from getting tangled.

6. Stay away from strong heat, such as opening a stove. Step back when you are opening the stove. Your lashes are synthetic and can singe up in heat. Rare it can happen but just keep in mind when cooking. 

7. Sleep on silk pillowcases- cotton can snag your lashes. Here is a brand I recommend  & always good to bring with you when you travel as well. It is great for your skin as well. 

8. Avoid getting shampoo on your lashes by facing away from the shower head and tilting your head up when washing your hair.

9. Try to avoid getting your lashes wet for the 1st day or so. Your lashes are still curling so this helps to prolong them.

10. Do not use waterproof eyeliner around the lashes. My fav gel eyeliner that I recommend here that I use only on my bottom lashes. 

11. You can use sunscreen on your face but just stick with oil-free that you can read more about

12. If you have oily skin naturally- blot your face often as you can from getting the oil in your lashes. Matte primer like this one here helps. 

13. You can enjoy your beach trip and snorkel underwater after the 24 to 48-hour mark after getting them done. After you get them wet after swimming then just make sure to pat them dry with a microfiber cotton that you can snag here and    do not use cotton.

14. For all the hot yoga lovers out there like me- just make sure to not overdo it with the heat & sweat. Doing all the above as much as possible will keep your lashes in great shape. 

All the ways to care for your lashes is really easy and becomes second nature once you get your routine down. Plus, they make you feel nothing less than Jackie O. :) If you have any questions or comments feel free to comment below, DM me through my Instagram here or send me an e-mail at tessamachen@gmail. You can call or text Sissy to make an appointment at 704-712-5335. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to read more of my beauty posts here.  

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