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Good Morning! How has your week been? My girlfriend is flying in tomorrow from Houston, Texas to celebrate my birthday weekend with my best girlfriends. I have not seen her in over a year so really looking forward to some QT time. 

I shot pictures with Lance the other weekend for my portfolio for Directions (modeling agency) and got great inspo from Directions on the types of colors etc. I do get questions on clothing styling tips and wanted to give 3 tips that can help with your wardrobe and mixing it up + getting out of your comfort zone. 

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I use Pinterest for Inspo all the time and any images I see on Instagram for styling ideas. I could pin or screenshot a pic based on a pose, clothing, lighting of the photo etc.  I think many people will surprise themselves on how creative the really all once you start using your creative side...

 For the pic above- the agency wanted me to add 'JCrew'/fresh look images. I took what they gave me, looked at JCrew's website for inspo & just worked diff poses in front of the camera. I will post soon how to pose in front of the camera- had a few people ask about this! xo 

I keep the images organized in an album on my phone. I also create shared albums depending if I am working with a photographer or brand & we are planning deets for the upcoming shoot. Do you do this? If not, let me know if it helps for your next beach trip, date night etc. Below is a screenshot of a shared album from a shoot the other weekend with Jake Pierce. I will also upload some of the images into a new app that I just downloaded called 'UNUM'.  The app lets me plan out my feed on Insta & keep everything cohesive.  Once I go to pull clothes for a shoot with my agency or for my blog, then I just hop to that album for inspo. I am on the fly 24/7 and need things in one spot. Amen?

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Partnering with local clothing boutiques and stores where you live. Over the years, I have built relationships with local stores and they lend me clothing. There is no way I can afford to buy all the clothing that I shoot. I know many people feel uncomfortable at first going in and asking about a partnership but if you do it once then you can do it again. ;) I always make sure to deliver high-quality work in return and always return the clothes after I have ironed them etc. (Here is a steamer that I highly recommend for work, shoots, your gfs weddding etc.). If you are needing an outfit for an upcoming Gala etc- try reaching out to someone you know that can lend you the clothing in exchange for posting about their store or boutique.


Have fun with it, don't try too hard (just be you) and get out of your comfort zone! For me, clothing is a way to express your personality. I love crop tops and went to an incredible Opera Carolina event that was put together so well at the Betchler Museum in Charlotte, NC. I wore a crop top with high-waisted pants that was still classy but showed my personality and style. I always like to show my 'fitness' but to keep it classy.  A dress is always a great idea but hey- why not change it up?! I know that I have always thought ok- white and black only for corporate but over the years I have gotten out of the "stereotype way" and will wear lots of color, wide leg pants but pair it with a white blouse.  Do you have an outfit in your closet right now that you want to wear but not sure how to style it for your next event or for your next shoot? Try some of the tips above and keep me posted. Would love to see how you styled it so I can share with everyone so they can get creative ideas.  Hope this was helpful and feel free to DM or e-mail with any other questions at 

Need a stylist to help you with your next shoot, event or just needing some outfits pulled for you because of a busy schedule? Shoot me an e-mail and let's get this going for you. Here are more services I offer as well. Hope to hear from you! 





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