I model too.


Good Morning Sunshine! How is your weekend going? Having coffee in bed, Norah Jones playing on Spotify & have my oil diffuser going with lavender oil. Ahhh- Sundays! Yesterday I shot with In Vogue Photography for pictures for my portfolio that my agency, Directions shows to clients. We need the pictures to show many different looks, facial expressions etc. so the client can envision whether or not I would be a fit for their brand. I have included one of the many favorites from yesterday and included the whole look for you- the top, shoes, underwear, eyeshadow, foundation, pearl primer, oil with glitter that I used on my legs (you can see how they are just shining away & smells so good!)

How did I start Modeling?

jockey tessa machen

My parents started modeling when they were around 17/18 and my mom actually moved to NYC by herself at 17 and started her career. They lived in Greece, Italy and traveled all over. They did commercial, print, fashion shows, tv, commercials etc. My mom and I had two Jockey Ads together and thought I would include one of the Ads below. It is one of my favorites! She was paid over 30,000 for the ad which I think is incredible for her and can only imagine how proud she was of herself. I signed with Directions in January but have been modeling my whole life. I was in an ad in Time Square ~3 years ago and that is one of     those moments that take your breath away!

tessa machen model directions agency

In 2018, people's modeling career is much longer than it used to be when my parents modeled. Once my mom had me, she did not get booked as much and that was the way it was back then. Silly and ridiculous. Thankfully, I plan on modeling until I am all gray and plan to make Directions lots of money and build an incredible partnership. I really connected with one of the bookers and I know that she has my back. If you are looking to get into modeling I highly suggest finding an agency that you know will do anything to better your career. You need to have tough skin to model but I promise anything they suggest to me- I am telling myself the same x 10. Who else is their worst critic? ;) Also, you will hear NO a million times. Just let that motivate you and keep pushing. 


Fun Fact: Directions said no to me years ago but I did not stop trying. You have to relentless with any goal.

#1 modeling is a creative outlet for me! I love to be in front of the camera but I style all my shoots now and did my makeup for the pic below as well. I do want to get into styling more so if you need a stylist or know someone in your network then shoot them my website. If you are wanting to get into styling then let me know as well- I will do whatever I can to help. That's why I have my business- it is ALL about connecting with one another. 


tessa machen model