Sunscreen = 2018 Primer for Face & Body


Hey everyone! Can you believe it is already May?! The sun is coming out in the Carolinas and I know you are probably as excited as I am about putting on your bathing suit and catching some rays plus, getting some well-deserved vaca time!  Before we get too excited about day drinking in the sun with family & friends and listening to our favorite tunes, we need to discuss a very important topic: sunscreen babes. Sunscreen is vital for many reasons. As many of you know I work with Miramae Skincare and Rhonda & Mandy have introduced me to some of their new sunscreen products that I want to share with all of you. They have also given me very important things to consider when selecting the right sunscreen.  

    Rhonda (skin care treatments) and Mandy (injections) at Miramae Skincare focus on physical sunscreen products instead of chemical sunscreens. As Rhonda explained to me, physical sunscreens use natural ingredients such as zinc and titanium dioxide. Other chemical sunscreens like, Coppertone and Equate use just that; chemicals.  All of Miramae Skincare’s physical sunscreens are made using nanotechnology, which makes the sunscreen safer and more aesthetically pleasing on the skin while providing protection against ultraviolet rays. There are quite a few different sunscreens that Miramae Skincare offers, each one designed and created with you in mind. Here are 3 below & they also sell more as well. Make sure to ask about them through DM or when you book your next appointment & consultation.


The Environ SPF 25 and is made using micronized Titanium Dioxide with antioxidants that help fight off free radical damage.  I use all Environ skincare products and on a daily basis & use the sunscreen after I put my moisturizer and eye serum on my skin. I would suggest using this on a daily basis even if you aren't going in the sun. Just make it a habit or even wright a post-it w/reminder on your mirror. I do things like this all the time to help me remember something. In no time, it will be part of your lifestyle. If you feel that the sunscreen is too white on your skin then just mix liquid foundation in the sunscreen & you are good to go. I will include a link to the blog post that covers the products I use & how you would use the skincare as well depending on your skin type.



Vanicream, my personal favorite, is SPF 50 and is free of dyes, fragrances, parabens and other preservatives you would find in other sunscreens.  It’s also Rhonda's fav! There is no smell which I prefer and like the thicker texture of the cream that has to be rubbed in so, it looks completely even to me. It is perfect to use with mineral foundation or powder if you feel that that the texture is too white. Below are  3 options of mineral makeup that you can use with the Vanicream. Click on each picture and click the arrow buttons to see all 3 options.


TiZO3 Facial Cream

Tizo 3 SPF40 is lightly tinted and love to use this as a primer before I put on my makeup. It looks good with my skin color out the tube but you can blend with different skin tones as well. The facial cream is water resistant for 80 minutes which is perfect if you are on a hike, day drinking with friends and just don't want to fool with reapplying after 30 to 45 minutes. The cream has a silky finish and can put on bronzer or powder on right after. Below is my favorite highlighter/bronzer that I use with my sunscreen.


So which one(s) do you want to try? Would love to hear from you in the comments below. Let me know if you have any questions and make sure to read more about Rhonda & Mandy from Miramae here & also more about the Environ skincare line I use that from Miramae here. Definitely checkout their Instagram here where they do Q&A videos that are always so helpful. You can also call or text their studio cell at 980-221-6487 /



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