Yep. Botox for your Upper Lip & that "Lip Flip".

Skincare + Prevention is the new makeup....  Who agrees? It is all about taking care of your skin in 2018 and not just focusing on a what can "fix me now" mentality. We all save money for the future, right?! Well- same goes for your health & skincare. 

I think there has been a stereotype around fillers (mostly lip injections) and just cosmetic injections in general. Most women/men worry that a little lip filler will give them the "infamous duck face".  Others think that anyone who gets cosmetic injections whether that be botox or filler look fake, as if they came out of a vending machine. So far from the truth!!  Let's let those stereotypes fall and stay open to the idea that injections can help you feel more confident, look 100% natural, help with your current skincare concerns and also prevent aging down the road. The key is finding the right injector for you.  You all know how much I love Mandy from Miramae Skincare Studio so if you're in Charlotte, NC or willing to travel to see her then you've got yourself one of the best injectors! 


So let's talk botox above the lips!  I'm thankful to Mandy for introducing this trick to me and can't wait for you to learn about it and try it as well. 

1. Botox above your lip decreases muscle contraction in that area which helps soften the vertical lip lines in the skin between your nose and upper lip.  Strategically placed, Botox can prevent these lines from forming so you do not get "smokers lines" or if you are already seeing some aging in your lip area then this will be a great option for you as well. Never too late to start taking care of yourself.

2. Mandy can also place the injections of botox along the boarder of your upper lip that will give a modified look of getting your lips done (aka: "the lip flip"). You will see about a 10% to 15% difference with this injection.  How cool is that!?!  It's not only helping with smoothing out wrinkles and preventing future ones but your lips also look plumper.  Win-Win!  However, if you are wanting to achieve more volume in your lips then I recommend getting filler.  I have the link below where you can read about my experience with getting my lips done. I have not had my lips done since July and they are still very full. It takes time to get there but once you do then maintenance is low.

botox upper lip.jpg

Botox above the lip is relaxing the muscle so you may not be able to do the best kissy face for selfies and swishing mouthwash or sipping out of a straw can be a challenge. I got used to the feeling and just drank out of the cup instead of using a straw. Problem solved!  Around 40% experience these side effects but it usually doesn't bother them, it just takes some getting used to. 

We use our lips all the time so the Botox tends to break down more quickly in this area.  Miramae suggests that you come every 6 to 8 weeks for these injections and it is only $50. Not trying to tell you how to spend your money but that is a few Starbucks within that time frame so maybe try making coffee at home or eating dinner at home before heading out with girlfriends to save for the injections. At least that is how I think about it.  It is a huge priority to prevent wrinkles down the road for me personally & how amazing is it that we know & have the resources to prevent wrinkles in 2018?!?  $400 a year for prevention, smooth skin and "the lip flip". I will take it! 



You can read more about Miramae Skincare Studio here and make sure to follow them on Instagram here. They do Q&A on their Instagram Story so you can ask any questions in private (DM) and they will film a video with your answer. I have learned so much from them and it is incredible what Rhonda (skin treatments) & Mandy(cosmetic injections) offer to their clients and how much I have learned over the past year. 

Read more of my beauty posts here - Feel free to comment below, e-mail me at or reach out directly to Miramae! They are so easy to talk to and will answer any questions you have at all.

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