Out of the Box - Hell Yes.

Combine athleisure wear & a dress together?! - yep! All about thinking of different ways to think of the box with F A S H I O N [ and also with the foundation of my blog/business which I will get into more below & some food for thought to get those OOTB brain cells #twerking].

Have you heard of 'Ivy Park'? Queen Bee- Beyonce wears the athleisure wear & have to say I am a tad bit obsessed with the innovative way that IP ties in sass with workout wear. You can wear the long sleeve mesh tee with workout wear or wear it over a dress.  I love the neutral color of the mesh tee. The mesh overlay logo hoodie is almost identical but has a hoodie. The midi dress will defn be worn quite a few times this summer. Currently sold out right now (3.10) but while they restock here is a second fab option for you. It is a staple dress that can be thrown on, worn with so many different colored shoes, jackets etc. Love the detail on the tassel-tipped ties and crocheted trim.

So, How would you wear the midi dress? 

[ A ]  Midi Dress - ONLY

[ B ] Midi Dress with Mesh Overlay 

[ C ] Midi Dress with Mesh Overlay TIED


Being creative with how you dress is 100% amaze but also don't we all want to be innovative & creative how we run our business, in our daily thinking and actions?  I am constantly thinking how I can build a strong foundation & unique business. Out of the box thinking is so important for all of us to make sure we are being genuine and seeing things from all perspectives. What are some ways you brainstorm to create new ideas etc.? Included 'One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are' book that is in my Hand + Built Leather Tote that has helped me with being intentional personally and professionally. I included the audio & paperback - whichever works best for you! Would love to hear from you in the comment box below!