Tubing Mascara

Tubing Mascara


I’m Thrilled, excited & stoked to start sharing even more about all the goodies, services, skin care and treatments that my girls at Miramae Skin Care Studio offer. I did an intro post on them that you can read here.

So, tubing mascara?! Yep! Mandy and Rhonda rave about the Blinc mascara that they sell at the store and I have to say- I am hooked as well. Blinc mascara literally puts tubes around your lashes so you don’t have to worry about smudges, flaking off or clumping. It is perfect for the active lifestyle whether you are in the gym, running errands on the weekends or living the corporate life. The only way you can get the mascara off is by using warm water and gently sliding off the mascara from your lashes. You can do this with a soft washcloth or just softly pinch the lashes between your thumb and index finger and slide the mascara right off. You do not need makeup remover to take off the mascara which keeps my eyes from getting irritated. Wait till you see the tubes start coming off your eyelashes- super easy! The last thing I want to do is take off my makeup sometimes and Blinc makes the process so much easier.  I do get eyelash extensions done currently so I will just use it on my bottom lashes to give my lashes and overall Va-Voom. I do use the Blinc mascara on top & bottom when I take a break from my eyelash extensions.


There are two kinds of Blinc mascara- regular and amplified. The regular is a bit thinner.  It’s great for adding separation to already thick lashes.  I think the amplified is more volumizing and gives my lashes more of a natural, full look and coats the lashes more evenly.  You can layer the mascara to get your desired look.  

You can snag Blinc mascara from Miramae for $26 and free shipping when you mention this blog! Make sure to check out Miramae's website and Instagram. Mandy and Rhonda do Q&A on Instagram Story which is GENIUS and know it has helped so many of us. You can also check out my other posts on injections, skin care and treatments that I have done with Miramae here & more to come!

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