Photo taken by friend & photographer, In Vogue Photography | Directions USA Agency

Photo taken by friend & photographer, In Vogue Photography | Directions USA Agency

HI there! How is your week going and what do you have planned for the day? I will be at Shop K | LA today from 12pm to 2pm at their Park Road location and 3pm to 5pm at the Blakeney location for the launch of a collection of hand-painted makeup bags and hand-painted pop sockets. If you can’t make it you can for sure check out the PS here~

So, I want to know what your top 5 things are for the week- You can comment in the box below and know others will love to read as well. Here goes my fav things of the week and a quick blurb why..

So, as most of you know I am huge health freak and have been working on my posture. Are you as bad as me and hunch over and carry a bag on one side that is filled with your whole day?! I am on the hunt for a book bag that I can wear to work and bring to meetings with me with clients. I love the detail on this and the hardware + on sale. yes!

Velvet pillows?! Y’all have seen on my Insta Story that I am making my living room 1/2 workspace and 1/2 living room. I got a velvet lavender couch from Urban that I am in love with and so having to redo everything because everything I had before in there doesn’t go. I got 2 of the ‘wine’ color pillows and they make so happy! 20% OFF right now which is always a great deal for Anthro. right?! Everything their is art- just stunning.

Been on the hunt for new sneakers to workout in the gym and found em’. I have a pair that is green that has the strap around the back and probably one of the most comfortable shoes I wear. I like how the shoe goes high around your ankles to give you that extra support. I do pretty intense workouts 3x week and need that support while I am working on getting a booty like JLO. #goals

My girlfriend has these shoes and I am freaking obsessed! Wal-mart killing the game with the best prices and linked the best price for you. They look incredible on and still fit like a bootie and not skin tight to your leg. I love that look— what about you?! This shoe is just freaking so hot.

Eyebrow gel changes the brow game! Freaking obsessed with this gel. I use it to brush my brows the opposite of way they are growing to give it that bushy look. This is staple- I do not wear that much makeup but this is defn top on the list.

Ok, your turn~ Top 5 things. Would LOVE to hear from you! Have a wonderful day!