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Hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend and enjoying this incredible weather! I am enjoying some downtime, drinking coffee at 2pm in the afternoon, playing music and sitting at my workspace at the studio. I am looking forward to telling you more in this post about SkinPen / Microneedling skin treatments that are offered at Miramae Studio in Charlotte, NC.

I introduced Miramae, Rhonda and Mandy here and also did a blog post on my experience with getting my lips done here. (You can also take a peek at my lips in the picture above- thanks to Mandy! ) Miramae is a discreet, boutique medical skin care studio in Charlotte's prestigious Myers Park neighborhood in Charlotte, NC. Rhonda Green and Mandy Bazemore are a dynamic duo that I adore and they offer a full menu of services, personal attention and will only do what is best for your skin. Mandy has started to answer any questions on Instagram story in regards to skincare, treatments, injections and you can do it all without having anyone know that you are asking the question. Make sure to follow them on their Instagram here, check out their feed and reach out to them about any questions and to make an appointment.

So, what is microneedling beauties?! SkinPen is a microneedling device that stimulates your skin's natural ability to produce new collagen and elastin for healthier, younger-looking skin. The treatment can help with fine lines, large pores, scars, thin skin, skin tone and lax skin. So, what should you prepare for before and after getting the service done?! I got it all here for you.

Day #1: Day of SkinPen Treatment

-Apply Lift serum as needed throughout the day (Lift is provided w/treatment)

-Do not workout OR sweat the day of your Skin Pen treatment

Day #2: Day after SkinPen Treatment

-Use a gentle cleanser in the AM & PM

-Apply the Rescue Serum  in the AM & PM after cleansing face (Rescue Serum is provided w/treatment)

-Avoid major sun exposure

-Use mineral make up only OR no makeup on Day #2

-It is okay to workout the day AFTER skinpen treatment (oh, such great news!)

Day #3: & Beyond

-Resume normal skin care products & facial regimen (Environ is my jam!)

-Resume normal makeup regimen

-Avoid use of Vitamin A for at least 5 days after Skin Pen Treatment


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Make sure to follow Rhonda and Mandy’s direction and you will be in good care! If not, you could end up with undesired side effects. Rhonda and Mandy sell Environ products and they will help you pick products based on your skincare needs and what your individual skin care goals are. I am currently using Environ products that include 'Mild Cleansing Lotion' and 'Botanical Infused Moisturizing Toner' and have seen a huge difference in my skin with these products. My skin has developed a natural glow and I feel like the toner specifically helps with a redness that I tend to have otherwise.  Rhonda offers complimentary skin consultations where she will recommend which products are right for your skin type.

So, what are  the next steps? You can purchase a 3 pack for $850.00 or 10% off single treatments. Normally the treatments are $325 each.  Make sure to mention ‘Tessa’ or my blog so you get the discount. Always a good thing, right?!  Have any questions about this treatment? Make sure to reach out to Miramae Studio at 980-221-6487, Instagram at @miramae_studio or https://www.miramaestudio.com/  

Thanks for stopping by and would love to hear from you below in the comment box below. Have any questions? Let me know! Also, make sure to follow along for more posts on services, treatments, injections and more offered by Miramae Studio! 

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