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Hope you had a great weekend! Ready to hear about something new and innovative for skincare?! I tried 'Cool Peel Technology' chemical peel offered by my gals at Miramae Studio. They are the only ones in Charlotte, NC that offer this peel(raising the roof over here)!! If you have missed my previous posts about Miramae you can read this post here that introduces Rhonda and Mandy. Have you ever tried a chemical peel? I tried one a few years ago and my face was so red and peeled for days. I work in sales for my full-time job and always in front of clients. Let's just say I was quite embarrassed to walk around with my face peeling and red as tomato! The 'Cool Peel Technology' is a modern facial peel and you will not experience the redness or have a recovery time where you should hide in your home for days. Kidding but the old chemical peels are personally not for me and way too harsh. 

Environ is the skincare company that Miramae works with and sells their products at their store. I The Environ 'Cool Peel Technology'  uses acidic creams and gels instead of using acid solutions like other chemicals peels. You can see in the pictures above the texture of the peel that Rhonda put on my face. It feels very cool going on your skin and I did feel a tingly sensation and my face was slightly warm after the mask was taken off. The peel stayed on for about 20 minutes and then I went to client meetings the rest of the day. The whole process was so relaxing and Rhonda gives one amazing hand/arm massage treatment during your treatment. I was really impressed with the results. I had had no redness and my skin felt so fresh and glowed! I could tell such a big difference in the texture of my skin after I did the peel. My pores were smaller on my face and my skin was so soft. Miramae recommended that I should do the peel on a regular basis and they can recommend what will work for your skin. I would recommend staying away from sun, exercise and do not scratch/peel/pick your skin for 24 hours.

So, are you ready to try the 'Cool Peel Technology' peel?! You can contact Miramae Studio at 980-221-6487 to make an appointment and also read more on Rhonda will go in more detail with you about the peel, products used and she may suggest products for you to use after. The peel is $125.00 and worth every penny! Mention 'Tessa' and get 10% OFF. Also, Miramae Studio is running an Anniversary Special the whole month of October for 20% off any appointments. Make sure to mention my blog when you make your appointment. 

Benefits of 'Cool Peel Technology'

• treat acne that has not responded to prior simple treatments
• rough skin will respond very successfully to peeling and skin that is in need of hydrating
• wrinkles and fine lines
• rosacea
• solar keratoses (known as age spots) [I have one spot on my cheek near my left ear]
• helps with collagen production

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment box below or feel free to e-mail me at I love sharing ways for you to pamper yourself and skincare treatments are an investment in yourself and your health....  Thanks for stopping by and hope to hear from you below in the comment box.


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