Guys Tee & App

Hello! How is your weekend? I am up super early and think my body is used to my new 4:30am wake up call over the past few months. I have been getting into the gym by 5:30am so I can get to work on time with running around in the morning. As always, excited to write to you and hope you enjoy the post!

So, who is ready for Thanksgiving?! If you are looking for some clean eating on Thanksgiving but still want great food? Highly recommend checking out my favorite cook, Danielle Walker who has a whole Thanksgiving guide here. Let me know if you end up using any of her recipes! 

I have the perfect Thanksgiving outfit for you! A guys tee and wear it as a dress- yup, I said it. I snagged mine here and you can also choose from 12 other colors. Snagging 2-3 colors would be great so you can wear them with jeans, belt it with this belt from Anthropologie or tuck the front into a skirt and leave the back of the tee out for a loose fit. You can dress up the simple tee with the tweed jacket that I just adore and the cuffs, so classic! The sparkly green-gold fabric on the jacket can glam up your outfit and you can either close the 4 buttons or leave it open like I am wearing it. I am wearing the jacket in a small as a sizing guide and the jacket is definitely warm but light & easy to carry if you wanted to take it off while out/about. My shoes are from Vici Collection and they are not selling them anymore but did link few other options for you as well in the widget below. The slouchy boots that are linked show they are in black in the photo but you can also pick white leather which I think would be so dope with this outfit.  I also linked my new favorite hair product by Kevin Murphy in the widget below, hair wand and fav shampoo/conditioner. I promise, your hair will feel amazing after you use it. I sometimes leave the conditioner on my hair for 20 minutes while I clean up around my apartment. [ oh yes, multi-taksing at its finest. ] 

You can also shop my other looks on my 'Fashion' tab here and make sure to follow along on the outfits I post on Instagram & Instagram stories and my page. What is Platform where you easily shop bloggers clothes and RewardStyle has designed the app for you so your shopping experience is a breeze. It is how I do most of my shopping! You can download the here and if you screenshot a photo that I posted on Instagram or Facebook then all the debts go right to your phone. If you do not have an iPhone then no worries- you can still shop. Just go to my 'Fashion' Tab or my '' page. Feel free to comment below for direct links to anything or send me an e-mail at Happy Shopping and appreciate you stopping by!