Vintage Love + Silver & Lace
                 love for vintage keeps me excited about the future and makes me appreciate the past..

                 love for vintage keeps me excited about the future and makes me appreciate the past..


Hope you have a good week! I had quite the cold this week but feeling almost 100%. I can't wait to write this evening and have so many new topics that I want to start talking about. As you some of you have probably noticed, I have started to incorporate more recipes, decor inspo, things that inspire ideas for my paintings and more. I am lover of fashion 100% but it all steams from wanting the best life for myself- pushing boundaries for myself personally. Do you ever feel this way?... 

So, are you a vintage lover? My love for vintage keeps me excited about the future and makes me appreciate the past... I grew up listening to music that my parents listened to and their grandparents listened to, black/white movies were some of my favorites as a child and my mother and grandmother took me to every vintage & antique store you could imagine [thankfully]. Vintage goodies add a little bit of color to the everyday routine and wanted to share 3 of my favorite vintage stores to check out in Charlotte, NC | Lambertville, NJ & New York, NY. < Click on any highlighted links in this blog and other blog posts and will take you directly to a directed site I have linked for you. - score!>

Sleepy Poet

If you live in Charlotte, NC or passing through then you have to check out this gem! 50,000 square feet of Antiques, Vintage items and Home Decor. I have bought vintage jewerly here before and they are some of my favorite pieces. Click here to read more about this Queen City staple for those who love a blast from the past.

Lambertville Mill Crest Village

Based in Lambertville, NJ! LMCV has one of the largest collections in the US of vintage pieces from the last century, including evening and wedding gowns. JUST an amazing website & also you can have personalized consultations on its onsite bridal salon. Click here to read more & hop back to read about 1 more. 

Resurrection Vintage

New York and Los Angeles is where you find RV- You have to check out their website which is linked here and also their Instagram- The Khardishians shop here if that sparks your interest. Kylie wore a Dior 'Rasta' collection waist bag as a shoulder bag and you can see it here. Leave a comment below if you have a favorite vintage store we should check out- would love to hear from you!

Also, you shop my look in the pictures in the widget below and make sure to scroll to the left & right so you can see all the images I have linked for you. My lace top that I snagged in a small and silver shoes are from Who What Wear Collection that are now sold at Target and I think you will fall in love with the style as much I have and the prices. I linked other goodies for you as well including a pair of jeggings that you can check out here. They have sold out from Luxe Angel Boutique in Charlotte, NC. Which item do you love the most? Love to hear from you in the comment box below and will make sure to reply back. Also, feel free to subscribe below as well for more from me...  Have a wonderful night. 

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