Yep! I managed a high volume tanning salon and I tanned constantly and for years (insert 'ahhhh! oh no! not good! HELP!')!! I would say my employees and I were on another shade of tan. Ha!!!

Guess who came to the skin care rescue?! Miramae Skin Care Studio! Miramae is a discreet, boutique medical skin care studio in Charlotte's prestigious Myers Park neighborhood in Charlotte, NC. Rhonda Green and Mandy Bazemore are a dynamic duo that I adore and they offer a full menu of services, personal attention and will only do what is best for your skin. Plus, they both have the best fashion sense and are full of personality! I love them both!

I first went to Rhonda Green at Miramae Studio a few years ago and she cautioned me about tanning both outside and in traditional UV tanning beds. I have significantly reduced how much I tan outside and if I find myself outdoors I'm using 50 + on my skin and I reapply after getting in/out of the water. I typically spray tan once a week to give my skin a natural glow. 

Rhonda does all of the treatments such as laser, facials, Cool Peel Technology (will be telling you more about this in the future!),  microneedling, etc. Mandy Bazemore (who is an RN, btw!) has been doing Botox injections for over 9 years and I love her! I was so afraid of doing Botox (suffice it to say, Mandy made me feel completely comfortable) and something else I will share soon enough! (keep following the series to find out-eek?!) I truly think that what she does is an art because she makes you look so natural, is honest with you and I've never had a session where I didn't love the results! A highly skilled RN like Mandy makes all the difference! 

A few years ago, Rhonda introduced me to medical grade skincare products that produce great results because the ingredients have the ability to penetrate the top layer of skin. Most products that are out there are just fillers and not actively doing anything to help your skin. I am currently using Environ products that include 'Mild Cleansing Lotion' and 'Botanical Infused Moisturizing Toner'. I use them in the morning and also at night. Rhonda can help you pick out additional products based on your skin care needs and what your individual skin care goals are. I have seen a huge difference in my skin with the products that Rhonda has recommended. As a result, my skin has developed a natural glow and I feel like the toner specifically helps with a redness that I can tend to have otherwise. 

I would highly recommend giving Rhonda and Mandy a call to set a consultation appointment. They can assess what you're currently doing, what's working/what's not and if you're just starting to get the 411 on taking care of your skin, they can help you find out what skin care treatments and products are best for your individual needs. We all have to start somewhere! You can call them at 704-817-9330 or 980-221-6487! Mention 'TESSA' and get 10% off your service! Also, follow Miramae on Intsagram here and also check out there website here to read more! 

P.S Stay tuned to the next post on skin care! I will dive into treatments, injections and products that have helped me and hope they will help you as well. Have a fantastic day and leave a comment below. Would love to hear from you!!