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target exhilaration duster kimono
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                                                                        Photography by 'Courtney Swift Photography'

                                                                        Photography by 'Courtney Swift Photography'

Howdy! How is your Thursday going? I am blasting Jason Aldean and my dog, Vida is laying beside me on the couch. I have my favorite candle by Voluspa burning and absolutely love the 'Mokara' scent. I am looking forward to diving into this post tonight with you!

First I wanted to dive into the new group I started in the Queen City with Sydney Durate from @traveling_gypsy and Heather Barb from @heatherlynnfit called 'CLT-Created to Create'. I personally have been wanting to start a group with influencers & creative minds to interact and help one another grow and do business together for awhile. I knew after meeting with Sydney and knowing Heather through Charlotte Yoga that these were the people I wanted to create a group with in the Charlotte area. The blogger community is tremendously supportive to one another and everyone in Charlotte, NC who is hustling and making their dreams come true really do support one another. I really do believe that Charlotte, NC has a melting pot of talent from all different places and we are blowing up. High Five Queen City! We all have different goals and business objectives but our passions and means of income do cross over so why not help one another, right?! Our first event is a day retreat outside of Charlotte, NC on August 13th at Bradley Falls. We will have some legit bad asses involved with event. Get ready for this fire! Come learn from other creative professionals and great way to network. Yes- hiking, waterfalls, picnic, team building, drones, photography course & hear from one of our fellow QCs that are killing it in the QC! Click on the link below to sign up for the event and all directions and items to bring are included. We will have an Instagram page and all that jazz soon so stay tuned!

Can't end the post without some Fashion + Art! I have my own studio at a nearby workspace area in Charlotte, NC and I shot with 'Courtney Swift Photography' last Sunday in my studio space. I am currently working on a painting that I am wanting someone that is 16 to want it in their room or someone who is 40 to want to put this in their office space. Pinks, black, dreamy sunset colors ....  O la la!  I am on a kimono kick and wearing a blue duster kimono from Target that is only $22.99 and I snagged a small. I also got a blue/white print kimono jacket for $24.99 that would look great with shorts, jeans and even a mini skirt with flats. I have had my 'Cami Shell' for years and it's only $8.00. I wear the cami with my new kimono's, yoga pants,  high waisted shorts etc. The women's duster kimono is another one that I bought for $27.99 and the blue is very light & looks great with my 'reagan button front jeans' by Free People. I have these babies in 3 different colors and the fit is P E R F E C T and they are only $78.00!! I am a size 4 and they fit perfectly. The cut looks great with all shoes and booties in the winter. Now, the 'Wanita Sandal' .... Isn't it the cutest?! You can wear these with so many different outfits and will take you into the fall weather. The embroidery detailed shoes are only $39.95 so make sure to snag before they sell out... Would love to see what you purchase so tag me on social media. (In case- @tessamachen is for all social media handles & have a blog page on Facebook as well.) 

Also, I linked an art palette and brushes if you are thinking about getting back into painting or if you have never painted before. I tell people that being an artist takes practice and you will surprise yourself on how talented you are...I promise.  Hope you can make it to the first 'CLT- Created to Create' event on August 13th and keep a lookout for an instagram page and make sure to subscribe to my newsletter to get updates on future events. Thank you for stopping by and Happy Shopping!