Who What Wear | 3 "me time" FAVs

Well, Hello Sunday! So, who follows along on my Instagram? I talked about how I like to spend a good amount of my time by myself. Who else is with me? I think it allows me to decompress from the work week and it is something that I need personally to keep a good balanced life. So, what is a balanced life? If you know the secret sauce please let me know! ha! I included 3 things that I like to do when I by myself and maybe this will give you some ideas of what to do if you are needing some "me time" or grab someone to join you. 

1. Try new recipes

One of my favorite cooks is Danielle Walker and her food is super clean, healthy and easy to make! I love going to the market to get fresh food for the recipe, the Asian Market, Whole Foods to get 'black salt' (who knew?!) and the Spice Store to try a new ingredient for the recipe that I am cooking that day. The past year has been extremely hectic so I have not cooked as much as I would like but I need to pencil this into my schedule and actually may try to make my FAVORITE soup recipe this weekend and you can find this incredible recipe here.  Make sure to get broth that is low in sodium. The flavors in this soup is UNREAL plus its all clean eating. I add jalepenos to give it a kick. 

2. Yoga

I started doing yoga a few years ago when my grandmother passed away to help with the grief of losing her. I was in a very low place and did not want to turn to medication (nothing wrong with this- just wanted to try to go the natural route). It was very helpful in processing such a massive loss. Yoga is mind, body, soul workout and you will know what I mean if you give it a shot.  Also, have you ever noticed that everyone at your nearby Yoga studio are always so kind? There is nothing but good energy vibes and you feel like a million bucks after the class. It always helps me with mind chatter and I get to goof off and try inversions, fall on my face and just enjoy the moment. I always tell myself "It ain't that serious- Fall on your face, get back up and just enjoy the journey."

3. Go sit at a bar/restaurant/cafe by yourself

So, being in born in NYC and traveling back there- it is the norm to go sit by yourself at a hotel bar/bar/resturant. I think we put these stereotypes on ourselves that if we go to the movies by ourselves or sit at the bar by ourselves that we live with 20 cats and going no where with our lives. Bah! Something about ordering a glass of champagne at a bar, checking e-mails, meeting new people sitting beside you is much easier to do then most make it out to be. I promise you will strike up a convo with the bartender or someone near you. If not, all good- you had some "solid" me time. ;)

Fashion talk now! I am dying over the Who What Collection sold at Target. Have you seen my posts on it on my Instagram?! Everything is very affordable and so CHIC!  I am wearing 'Women's Ruffles Poplin Blouse' by Who What Wear and comes in blue/white and also white! I am wearing small but I could even go down to XS if I wanted a tighter fit as a sizing guide- only $27.99! Would be perfect with bell bottom jeans, skinny pants for work and the list goes on! Also, linked 'High-Rise Denim Boyshorts in Glenoaks Wash: Cutoff Edition' that are $69.50 and I wear these ALL the time. Perfect with crop tops too! "Women's Gena Strappy Flat Hurrache Sandals' are also from Target and only $24.99. I have had so many compliments on these and you can wear these as we transition into fall. yes! 

Thank you so much for stopping by and happy shopping!