up or down
Peterson Skirt Bun
Coffee and Petersyn Skirt
Calizi Cognac Sandal
Petersyn Captiva Tinsley Skirt
Petersyn and Baseball cap

Photography by Courtney Swift Photography

T-U-E-S-D-A-Y! How is your week going? I just got back from pulling clothes for this week's shoot, just got in bed and looking forward to writing this post and hope it gives you an inspiration idea for your next date night with your hubby, out with the girls or if you are a stylist it gives you an idea on how to style your next shoot! I took the pictures above to show two different ways to style an outfit that I would wear out during the day for brunch with my girlfriends or out on a day date with my boyfriend. First look, hair up & I am chanelling my inner ballerina bun and what's more I just threw it up in 2 seconds with no hairspray to be found. In the second look I have my hair styled with my hair wand that you can find out more about here and then wore my Yankees hat backwards. To me, there is something so comfortable about a backwards cap, skirt and heels. Who's with me?!

I am a huge fan of backwards hats and love to mix clothing that wouldn't normally go together. A backwards cap paired with mixed prints and asymmetrical hem - yes, yes & yes.  I love the 'Petersyn Captiva Print Tinsley Skirt' and also found the 'Petersyn Barrett Skirt in Margarita' and they'd look perfect with an oversized sweatshirt from Free People or even a white blouse from H&M for $19.99 like the one I am wearing in the pictures above. I love to pair a mini skirt with an oversized top which helps provide balance plus I love to "tomboy up" an outfit a bit to feel more comfortable. The 'Petersyn Emmet Skirt in White' is the same asymmetrical hem as the skirt in the pictures. 'Sterling Skirt' is designed by Petersyn as well and is a longer skirt that would also look great with the Free People oversized sweatshirt I linked. In addition, the wide band on the skirt would also look great with a Free People crop top that is $20.00 an comes in 6 different colors. I have to say that I am huge fan of Petersyn Clothing after wearing this skirt and doing more research about the NYC designer. Take a look at the links to the skirts and browse around at other clothing by the designer and let me know what you think! I believe I may have found one of my top 10 favorite designers!

White blouses have become a go-to of mine when putting an outfit together because I feel like a nice pressed shirt matches perfectly with ripped jeans, paired with a nude heel and a hair bun and out the door you go. I linked the 'Heidi Top' and also another H&M blouse that would be a great staple for your closet. We all have so much going on so it's nice to find something dependable in your closet that you know you can throw on with anything and still look effortless.  I love an outfit that screams both confidence and class while still managing to stay relaxed. What type of clothing do you feel is the most comfortable when heading out with family & friends or with your girlfriends for that girls' trip you've been planning for the past few months?! Leave your comment below and I will make sure to reply back. 

What do you all think of the shoes in the picture?! I bought these with a girlfriend and have worn 'Callizi Sandal' by BCBgeneration with maxi skirts, shorts as well as with dresses for my full-time job, etc. They go with so much and are currently on sale for $49.95.  So under the outfit in the pictures below, I am wearing 'Bliss Perfection Triangle Bralette' by Natori for $30.00 and 'Bliss Perfection Thong' for $20.00. I went to Nordstrom to buy new underwear and bras for myself and the lady helping me told me that Natori is like a Mercedes for you heiney! I literally laughed out loud! The best part was that the saleslady was right - given a choice, I always grab my Natori thongs over other underwear. 

Hope you enjoyed the post and that it's given you some food for thought as well as introduced you to a NYC based designer that you may've been previously unaware of - hope you have fun shopping with the links above and you can also shop the items below as well! I love sharing my love of fashion with you all. I was listening to a podcast earlier today and it talked about your 'Why'. So why do I love to share my love for fashion with everyone? It's about stepping out of your comfort zone, trying new styles and designers and finding what makes you feel most comfortable in your own skin. At the end of the day, it's whats inside that counts the most but a cute Petersyn skirt doesn't hurt either! wink wink :) - as always, thanks for stopping by and happy shopping! Good Night!