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Art + Fashion = LOVE

Have you ever loved doing something so much that you get the biggest adrenaline rush and so happy?! Well, this is how I about combining my love for art with fashion. I love how I feel when I am painting, the creative process, challenging myself to think out of the box and LOVE the finished product! I am excited to share that 'Hazel Penny Copper' is for sale! I painted this with colors that would make your home or office have a "peaceful" feel and somewhat "spa like". I am huge fan of colors in my home that give a peaceful vibe and have a color tone that would work for a guy and girl. 

'Hazel Penny Copper' is 36 x 48 and is $550. I used acrylic and glitter to give it the shimmer look in certain areas of the painting. I used acrylic paint that has a metallic finish so the colors in the painting have a different color based on the amount of sunlight or light in the room. A way to display the painting at home or in the office would be to have a light that sits on a piece of furniture that would shine onto the painting and bring out the different tones and highlight the colors. If you would like to buy the painting, please let me know by e-mailing me at tessamachen@gmail.com and use 'Hazel Penny Copper' as the subject line. I hope you love the art work as much as I do and look forward to sharing more with you!!

Now comes the Fashion! I have linked my romper by Diane Von Furstenburg that I adore! I am wearing a size 4 and love how light the fabric feels and the long sleeves with the button cuffs are so chic! I am a sucker for button cuffs and think the fit always looks so good on us gals! The romper is on sale now for $179.00 from $398.00!! I also linked similar ones here that is $30.00! Love! I wear my 'Calizi Sandal Cognac' block heels to work and out & about on the weekends! My feet never hurt with the shoes and the soft suede and color go great with shorts, dresses, pants and work skirts! I couldn't leave out 'Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Sunipped' that is $49.95 and also my favorite hair wand that is ONLY $49.99 and has lasted me for years. It is a must ladies! I did a hair tutorial on Instagram story the other day on how I get my beach waves. Always such a fun, sassy & quick hairstyle! My sunglasses are from Sunglasses of South Park in Charlotte, NC and are called 'Flirt'. So fun, right?! Mention 'TESSA' and get your first pair for $25.00 and second pair for $15.00. You can text 814-790-3131 & they can hold them for you and ship to you! Thank you so much for stopping by & happy shopping! Leave a comment below... Would love to hear from you!

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