classy sunglasses of south park

Hey there! How is your day going?! I am super stoked about this post because I love different style sunglasses to go with whether or not 'I am taking over the world' that day or if I just want to throw on a classic pair of round glasses with a t-shirt & jeans. Also, I love creating cool ways to feature clothing and accessories. I thrive on making a product look different with the right photography, lighting & angles. Eben and I were shooting at night outside and her light bulb went out on her equipment. We used our flash lights from our cell phone, blasting Corey Hart's classic, Sunglasses at Night the whole time! Moments like that night are why Eben and I are able to work together so well and get great results time after time. 

I am working with Sunglasses of South Park in Charlotte, NC & LOVE the sunglasses that the owner sells because they are unique & affordable - can we go get an amen?! The owner is a #GIRLBOSS running a few different businesses & is beautiful and super sweet! I have included the names of all the sunglasses beside each picture so you can jot down or give Sunglasses of South Park a call at 980-622-6694 to hold them for you or ship them to you. SoSP offers different colors for each style & will make sure to find you other sunnies that fit your attitude for the day. The sunnies are for not only the ladies, but for gentlemen & kids as well, so be sure to get your significant other and kids their perfect pair too! Make sure to mention 'Tessa' so you get your first pair for $25.00 and the second pair is $15.00. 

{ P.S I am starting to have extra help with the blog & wanted to give a shout out to Kent Chilton who is a Designer who helped me with the design of the fonts today. It is people like you that have helped me continue to grow & appreciate your help very much. }