Mud Facial Bar

Spa life, YES! I have always been an advocate of getting massages, spas and treating your body to some TLC. I got to try Mud Facial Bar located in Charlotte, NC & had such a great experience! Mud Facial Bar has created such a unique concept where you can still get pampered, feel relaxed, get in and out with 30 minute facials all while staying affordable. I would like to be able to hop in & out at least twice a month to help my skin and also to have some time to treat myself to something relaxing. I am constantly exposing my skin to sweat and exposure to things in the environment & my skin can tend to go from oily to dry depending on the season or how much water I am drinking to stay hydrated.  I follow a skincare routine & rotating more facials into my routine will definitely help to make sure my skin is hydrated & healthy. I make sure to eat clean as well with with a skincare routine because it is all connected to overall health. 

You can pop in on the fly or make an appointment if you know exactly when you'll need a facial freshen up. Offered are 6 different facials and another 8 'extra pampering' options that help maximize what's an already fabulous experience!  Miss North Carolina had the 'glow' facial & I had the 'breathe' facial. I recently went back and got the 'detox' facial and added 'manual microdermabrasion'. The 'extra pampering' was recommended to me because my skin was dry so definitely recommend trying if your skin is dry. You can also snag a few skincare items from their retail boutique that features all-natural skincare products from U.S. brands. The newest is their vegan skincare line created exclusively for Mud Facial Charlotte, Uptown Yogi.

So when are you making your appointment?! Call (704) 232-4640 & make sure to mention 'Tessa' to get $10.00 off! Treat yourself!!

 P.S Join me on SnapChat, InstagramInstagram story so you can see behind the scenes while I work with clients, at my studio etc. We had a great time shooting at Mud Facial Bar. For those that already follow, hope you enjoyed watching & had a few laughs with us. Send me a message through Instagram, SnapChat, comment below or e-mail me at if you have any questions about any of the facials! I would love to hear from you! Also, subscribe to my newsletter below for more fashion, health & fitness, paintings for sale & more!

                                                                CLEAN YOUR DIRTY FACE! Xo