Sachi Home

"Invest in Rest."

I love that quote! I had the quote on my phone as a screensaver over the past few months. I am 100% about having a packed schedule but I am an advocate for getting plenty of sleep. Do you have issues sleeping? About a year ago, I was having problems sleeping and restless around 3am. In my opinion, I believe that having a comfortable bed and bedding should be one of the most important purchases in your home. I was at West Elm in Charlotte for a meeting and met the owner of SACHI Home and we begin to talk about her company. At the end of the conversation, we both knew that my lifestyle and being advocate for rest and taking care of yourself would be a perfect correlation with SACHI Home. It is so important to get enough rest so you are able to think clearly & concentrate during the work day. I try and block off time at least once a month to completely relax and sometimes I want to just hang out in the bed, light a candle, read & order Thai Takeout. Sentir Bon Candle Co. is a local Charlotte company that makes hand-poured candles from 100% soy wax which makes the candle last longer & better for the environment.  I went with of 'Lavender Vanilla' that is $20.00 and the smaller size is $13. Check out the SBCC here

SACHI bedding is made from 100% long thread cotton and 500TC. The cotton is woven in socially responsible mills and 100% of production uses green energy from windmills and 99% recycled water. I love how soft the sateen sheets are and I plan on using them in the winter & summer. I like to mismatch different colors for the sheets, pillows, shams & like to keep my bedding very neutral. SACHI bedding is very reasonable & you order directly from SACHI home so that will cut costs from going to a store & plus you can order from the comfort of your bed (and relax). Check out SACHI home here & let me know if you have any questions at all. Treat yourself to this bedding & there is 30 day guarantee!