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Happy Holidays! Can you believe that it is already the Holidays? This year has flown by, right?! I thought it was a good time to introduce some of my go to tech gadgets that I am using or on my wish list. I am constantly reading about the best tools to help in the blogging world but everything I linked can be used for you as well for your daily life or for your business. 


So, let's get started! I have created a 'Shop' tab for you on here where you can peek and shop items that I have linked to  'Shop my Instagram', 'Anything Art', 'Beauty Favs', 'Healthy Favorites', 'Home Decor', 'Tech Gadgets', 'Weekends | Out & About', 'Work Clothes', 'Workout' and 'Workspace Favorites'.   I am always on the hunt for the best prices and link the best prices for you as much as I can. So what is under 'Healthy Favorites' for instance? I have linked my new plant-based protein that Charlotte Supplements recommends. I have known the owner for years and he and his employees are so knowledgeable about all the products and will take the time to pick out what is right for your body. I have linked  black seed oil  (gluten free) that is amazing for your immune system or my 'Sweet Sweat' band that I use every day with my trainer, @bodybyro and the list goes on! The highlighted words above that are highlighted/bold take you right to the link for the product. I have done all the work for you so just kick back and rellllax. xo! 


Ok, so now 'go-go gadget' time! Who remembers what Cartoon I am talking about? Inspector Gadget- for my 80's babies! I do ask my friends who are professionals in using the gadgets if it is the best price or a good product. I am all for making the investment in the right tools but also do think that certain things you should start off with the basic, learn that and then sell whatever the item is through eBay, Craigslist or through your social media channels. Below I have linked 5 Tech Gadgets & go into detail why I got them. I have also linked more here so feel free to browse around & let me know if you have any questions at all. If I do not know the answer then I will find out for you! 

MeFOTO Tripod

The MeFOTO BackPacker was recommended by techy guru & bombshell YouTuber, Shameless Maya. The tripod comes in 7 colors and great to take on the go! I really like how stable the tripod is and that you can use it with cameras and smartphones. Which color do you like best and will pump you up to take that perfect shot or video? I like silver because I know this will last for a long time and I like to keep things pretty simple in color when I use it all the time but I do have to say the purple color is quite cute! 

Photography Lighting Kit

Another recommendation from Shameless Maya! I use these all the time and highly recommend. You can transport them easily! I used 1 of the larger lights to help with lighting for workout videos that I shot the other weekend and the lighting was perfect. The 600W kit is super affordable ($52- can you believe it?!) and great to start off with or if you are wanting to add your collection of lighting. I know a photographer in Winston-Salem, NC who had a WHOLE studio of lighting. Dreamy! 

Clip-on Microphone

I found this $14.95 microphone to use with my 7+ when I am recording videos. Exciting right?! I will be posting more videos and have read that you need a microphone soooo bought this! One of my techy baes said this is a good one to start off with and then work your way up as you advance in your voice/video skills. You can use this microphone with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android Smartphones. 



So, I have watched so many reviews on the camera & we have totally lucked out because prices on these have dropped since they first came out the newest plus this is the newest model. High Five! The instant film camera is perfect for travel and celebrations with friends. It is also a great work tool to take photos of product layout for your business when you need the pictures instantly or if you are pulling clothes for a shoot and want to have a physical photo to be able to review. You can go the digital route for this but having it in hand sometimes helps you to be more productive & let the creative juices flow better. I am super visual so having it right in front of me helps me big time- yup, I am one of those people who print everything. One of the many things I did learn by watching the reviews, do not shake the photo "like a Polaroid picture". Shaking the photo will ruin the photo so lay it on a flat surface after you take the photo. I found the best deal on film here. I did find this video that did a review that I thought was one of the best that I watched. 


External Hard Drive

This is a must! If you are getting into the blogging world or not, I highly recommend having an external hard drive so you can back up your computer on a regular basis. I would also recommend backing up specific information to Google Drive or Dropbox. I use Google Drive quite a bit and have a friend who helps me with renaming files for SEO purposes etc. and we both utilize Google Drive so we can don't have to be in the same place but still able to get work done. I have so many other tools I can recommend but I will wait until another post. I asked quite a few people about the best drive to buy and heard Seagate from several people. The hard drive I linked has 2TB so you will have plenty of space to save family photos, work documents, blogging photos or whatever your need is for the drive. 

I hope this information was helpful and feel free to comment below in the comment box. I would LOVE to hear from you or e-mail me with any questions at Also, you can follow along on my Instagram page here where I talk about everything from fitness, relationships, fashion, vintage clothing, music, travel and the list goes on. I am all about fashion and things on the outside but I place a huge importance on making sure things are good on the inside. My blog is all about creating a life that where you are fully engaged in every aspect and being good to yourself. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to read more posts here