Eating out with your fab goals in mind..


Egg White bites @ Starbucks perfect for on the go & super light. I would defn go with Monterey Jack & Roasted Red Pepper option due to nutrition value. Read here to compare the two diff types of egg white bites offered. 

English muffin with turkey bacon @ Starbucks (but hold the cheese & turkey bacon)I have pretty much stopped eating dairy & the turkey bacon is full of sodium. For my body type & blood type ( O negative) I need sodium but would rather find it in Sea Salt etc. 

Green Juice @ Green BrothersIf you don't live in the Queen City then I am sure you have spots that sell green juice. Just make sure to check the nutrient label. Some are filled with ingredients that are not good for you & just pure sugar. I found this post here that will be helpful in determining what juices you should be drinking while out so you are able to get your vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and antioxidants.



 'Build your own' pizza @ Blaze Pizza- I am on a meal plan with my trainer, @bodybyro so eating something like this is a rollercoaster ride and so much flavor for my taste buds. Once you start eating very clean (veggies & protein) you can taste sodium like it ain't no one's business. Every flavor pops  & I think eating so clean makes you/your body aware of what really is in the food you are eating and if you should eat this only on occasion. I get the gluten-free crust (preference) because I do not feel as bloated/full as regular dough. I do not get any cheese on my pizza and load it up with veggies, chicken & light sauce. If you do not live in Charlotte, NC then I would find a location that has gluten options and has more options for veggies other than tomatoes & olives. ;)

'Build your own' salad @ Bad Daddy's - Ok, so everyone sitting at the table is eating a burger with fries. All good- stay focused on your long-term goals. I will nibble on a french fry but I have my long-term goals in mind when I go out to eat plus I know how bad I feel after I eat something that my body is not used to anymore. Stomach is all kinds of upset. arghh.. 


Edamame with pink Himalayan salt & truffle oil  @ O-KU Sushi (Charlotte, ATL & Charleston) - hands down my goto spot with one of my best friends/ we always sit at the bar and get our grub on. Edamame is a soybean & oh so yummy! Read more on this addicting bean here. 

'O-KU Spring Roll' @ O-KU Sushi (Queen City, Hotatlanta & Charleston)- light & full of flavor/ My gf, Katie got me hooked on this/ Tuna, salmon, whitefish, mixed greens, wonton crisps, avocado, cilantro wasabi aioli, sesame sauce-!

'Sopa de Pollo soup' @ Viva Chicken- hands down one of my favorite spots & I LOVE some soup. The only thing with soup is that you have to watch the amount of sodium that is in the soup. Most that you buy at the grocery store etc. are LOADED with a cra amount of sodium. When cooking soup, always get light sodium. 



Pinot Grigio- so my trainer is not an advocate of drinking & let's be honest- drinking too much makes you feel like pooh the next day so all in moderation. ehhhh- I try. To be honest, sometimes I would like to have more than 1 glass, 2 or 3 ;) Read more about Pinot Grigio here. I have been told to always order the wines from Italy because the grapes are not as sweet. I personally do not like drinks that are sweet such as Riesling. 

Tequila- I basically follow the paleo diet/ Read more here about the types of tequila you should drink while out & that are paleo friendly. What the heck is paleo? Read right here, xo. 

Vodka/Soda Water - same as above.. I try to stick to vodka that is paleo approved/ not a huge vodka drinker at all over the past year. I stopped drinking for 6 months and tend to only drink this on occasion. Read here about paleo approved vodka- do not want vodka that is made from potatoes is the quick skinny. 



Choc Almonds @ Fresh Market-  I go to Fresh Market because they have the dispensers instead of buying a whole bag already prepackaged and eating the whole thing. I know my weakness with food and I will tear up some chocolate so to keep myself from overeating I stick with the dispensers. 


What are some of the items you order when you are going out to eat? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below and I know that everyone else wants to learn from you as well! As always, eating at home is best because you know EXACTLY what is going in your food. I have learned over the years that you can cook healthy and it tastes better and you feel & look better. There is so much that is loaded in our food that we are not aware of when you go out to eat. If you explain to the restaurant that you are on a certain meal plan etc. then they are usually accommodating. If they are not, then I do not eat there. Think of their menu as the cabinet & you order combo of anything you like. Yes, sometimes they up-charge you but its how it goes sometimes to eat healthy on the go. If you are with guests that are frustrated with you (have experienced this multiple times & nice smarty comments :) then just ignore them and do your thing. No one else is going to take care of your body other than you and I promise- you in the summer with a fit & healthy body takes way more weight then someone's babble on a random dinner on a Friday night. Do you- have fun with this! It is such an incredible feeling to take control of what goes into your body - its a domino effect as I always say...  eat well & watch what happens to other areas of your life. Thanks for stopping by and read about some of my favorite healthy favorites here & here for eating healthy while traveling for work/holidays!

(Also, included the workout outfit in the widget below. I wore the crop top to for a Panthers Sunday Funday the first time and then wore it with black pleather pants with brown booties & leather jacket the second time. Perfect for working out in as well. The leggings are super soft, sports bras are diff than your normal s/b design, the new Nike design is $$$ and love activated charcoal for helping boost my immune system & makes me feel better after having 1-2 more glasses of wine than planned. If for some reason it is taking too long to download just hit the refresh button. Working on that now- thanks for your patience. )

tessa machen