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Hello! How is your weekend going?! I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather. Since the weather is cooler it is a good time to transition into different skincare or even start on a skincare routine to help your skin adjust to the cooler temps. As most of you know, I partner with Miramae Skincare Studio for all my skincare needs, products and injections! Rhonda Green and Mandy Bazemore are co-owners of this fantastic boutique studio in Charlotte, NC. I did an intro post on both of them and their business and you can read more here.

Miramae started carrying Environ earlier this year and I am hooked on how my skin looks and feels. The Environ Skin EssentiA line is geared toward more sensitive skin or skin that hasn't been exposed to much vitamin A. It's light but keeps the skin really hydrated and gives the skin a nice tone and a great glow. The Skin EssentiA range is sold as a step up program that increases percentages of vitamins A, C, antioxidants and peptides. Have you ever tried Retin-A and had a peeling face? If so, you definitely need these products!  Because of the way the Environ Vitamin A is formulated, you get the benefits (less acne and wrinkles) without the harsh side effects.  But let me back up for a second. Retin-A is Retinol, also known as Vitamin A.   Vitamin A is found in food and also used as a dietary supplement.  My face naturally has always had a red tone and I swear that the redness in my face has gone down and has more of a natural glow which I am thrilled about. It felt like my face would get very irritated before using the Environ products. So, let’s dive into the 3 products that I am currently using!


Mild Cleansing Lotion

My 200ml bottle is still full of product and I got the bottle back in July. I apply one pump to my dry face using dry hands and then add some warm water, massage it into my skin and then rinse off.  It has a similar consistency to a lotion and not a gel. The consistency is more hydrating than a gel and it doesn't strip the skin. It is great for all skin types and goes well with my 'normal' skin type.


Botanical Infused Moisturizing Toner

So, I admit. I never used to wash my face in college and high school. Not good! So, using a toner over the past few years has been a whole new experience for me, ha! This particular toner helps add moisture to your skin. I can see a difference in my skin tone and how my skin feels once I added in this toner with the moisturizer. It will improve the appearance of your skin tone and texture and you should be able to notice this pretty soon after using the product. Most people think that toner will strip the moisture of your skin but this one actually moisturizers and helps to remove any excess makeup.


Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturizer

The 50ml is full of Vitamin A, C, Antioxidants, Peptides AND Moisturizer so you do not have to buy separate products for each which saves you money! Let’s dive into these yummy ingredients:

Vitamin A- helps with acne but also fine line and wrinkles

Vitamin C- lightens, tightens and brightens the skin

Antioxidants and peptides- helps with anti-aging


You can get all 3 products as a starter kit which is $167. Rhonda and Mandy will help you pick out the specific Environ products that are best for your skin type. Rhonda can also talk to you about skin treatments to pair with the products and Mandy can talk to you about the different type of injections that are available to help with your skincare needs. I have learned so much about skincare and will use what they have taught me through the different phases of my skincare needs. I would check out www.miramaestudio.com for any specials and any questions you may have in regards to the skincare products, treatments or injections. I HIGHLY recommend following them on their Instagram here. Mandy does Q&A on Insta Story and its hands down one of my favorite story to watch. You can also call or text 980-221-6483. Feel free to comment below!  I would absolutely love to hear from you!









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