Keep it light. | Green Juice Recipe

Tuesday already?! How is your week going? My heart goes out to Vegas and so very sad about the loss of Tom Petty as well. I have a heavy heart for losing legends like Tom Petty and tragedies like Vegas occurring in our society. All we we can do is start with ourselves & make sure we are doing the best we can do to help one another and keep make sure to enjoy the blessings we have. Life is full of rollercoasters so I like to ''keep it light" when I can with certain situations. I think it starts with a solid foundation within in yourself - that means even your health. I wanted to share one of my favorites green juice recipes with you from 'It's All Good' by Gwyneth Paltrow and also included 2 juice blender options for you. I also linked my Free People top that comes in 7 different colors. I am wearing a small in 'Fiesta Orange' and love that is perfect for the transition into fall and my 'Britany' jeans. Shirts that show a women's collar bone is a show stopper to me- show some skin yet classy. You can snag them in the widget or go to Luxe Angel Boutique in Charlotte, NC and use code 'Tessa15' to receive 15% off. Let me know if you have any questions about the juice recipes, blenders or any sizing questions! 

The Best Green Juice

* 5 large leaves of kale, ribs discarded, leaves roughly chopped [ frozen works well too & included a kale powder link here as well so you have more space in the machine]

1 lemon, zest and pitch removed [use this tool here to zest the lemon]

1 large apple, roughly chopped

A 1-inch piece of fresh ginger  [ keep this baby fresh - resealable plastic bag,  air pushed out, in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator. If part of the ginger has been cut or peeled, be sure to blot it dry with a paper towel before storing.]

1 spring of mint [ linked best price herb keeper here - keeps mint, chives etc. FRESH-yeah baby!]


If you do not have a juice or want to go that route then make sure to use a powerful blender like this one here and 1/2 cup of water, then pass the mixture through a fine-mesh strainer linked here or you can even use a cheap paint strainer. Yup, I have a few in my cabinet now that I use here and there. Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comment box below! Appreciate you stopping by! 

Tessa machen