Well, hello there 2017! How was your 2016 and have you come up with any New Years Resolutions yet? I spent some time yesterday writing in my journal about accomplishments in 2016 and goals that I have for 2017 personally and professionally. I had to use my Instagram feed and Facebook timeline to help jog my memory of everything that has happened in 2016. I am excited for 2017 with you and would love to hear about your goals for 2017 and if there is anything you would like to change from 2016- let's grab coffee or e-mail me at I love hearing other people's stories, what motivates you etc. I listed a few things that were big for me in 2016 and listed few things things for 2017 (I have a long list that but kept it to 5 on here- ha!).  I have set a monthly reminder to sit down and look at where I am with accomplishing my goals for the month and will help me keep things on track. 


1. I have a bucket list on my phone that I update as I come across new ideas. Outstanding on the Field was on my list for over a year and FINALLY went to Outstanding in the Field in Houston, Texas with one of my best friends. Highly recommend you foodies and love to travel! They host the dinners all over the world. The tickets sell out very quick so make sure to snag when they go on sale.

2. Signed with Marilyn's Agency

3. Traveled to New York City 3 times!

4. Had one of the best years in my career in staffing at Modis- thanks to my boss, Tripp and the team I work with- We KILLED it in 2016!

5. I started my Lifestyle Blog! (jumping up and down right now) I work with the best photographer ever, Eben Patten.


1. Paris Fashion Week & plan on traveling somewhere every 1-2 months.

2. Take more dance classes & yoga classes.

3. Reach certain goals with my career, Lifestyle Blog and modeling career that I have set.

4. Become more financially savvy & possibly buy a house. 

5. More emotional confidence- when I know something is "off"- be able to walk away and not always having to give 200% at something. 



So, what are your resolutions?! Included few journal ideas below-  Happy New Year and excited for us and the new year!! Let's KILL IT!