"Raise your standards and the universe will meet you there."

Remember seeing this quote on my Instagram? I was reading an article the other day and thought it was the perfect quote to partner-up with picture above.  

I think that we all have a story and we all struggle with something internally but I also believe that if you shut everyone's opinions out or just  the “noise” out in general, you are able to think more clearly, focus and see situations with a totally different perspective.  Many of us are on autopilot & not enough of us take “ME” time. It’s important to stay balanced, aware of who YOU truly are & willing to do whatever it takes to be the best version of yourself. You are able to shine brightest for others when you take on the REAL you. “Shine bright like a diammmoooonnnnd….” Ha ha!

As many of my close friends & family know, I love to be alone! I am up at the crack of dawn & the moment my feet hit the floor I am ready to get the day rolling. Are you the same way or do you love being around people? We all tick differently, one way is not better than the other way. I recently stayed in New York City by myself and I felt like a kid in a freaking candy store! But don’t get me wrong, I love being with good company & I love to have a good time! For me, I do best when I can re-group from the day/week which allows me to keep my mental chatter down & most importantly allows me to balance what I want to accomplish each week. What is mental chatter? Oh, you know thinking about a particular situation that you just can’t stop thinking about, your to do list for the week or playing a prior conversation you had earlier that day over & over in your head. Hands up if you did that today? I’m over here raising the roof.

What is something you can do this week to challenge yourself to shut down chatter in your head or something to regroup after a kick a#$ day at work?! I would love to hear from you! Feel free to comment below or e-mail me tessamachen@gmail.com

Maybe yoga could be something you try this week to align more with the quote? Doesn’t that flow perfectly into the FREE PEOPLE  athleisure outfit….yes, yes! I have an intense interest for clothing that is nude in color. I have been watching Sex & the City from the beginning (yep, I never have watched it before- where I have been? I know..shame shame) & ever since I saw the nude dress a.k.a the "naked dress" that Carrie wears I have been in luuuuurv. I love the nude mesh with the grey fabric in the FREE PEOPLE Rider Leggings & the Womens FLY GIRL BRA. The sports bra is sassy, uber comforable and you have full coverage which I think is versatile for your wardrobe! Shop the outfit below. I also included one of the top yoga mats to accompany you to that yoga class you are taking this week. Hands down, one of my best purchases was buying a legit yoga mat where I didn't get tangled in the towel on top of my mat. You have to get it one! I also included lavender bath salts and lavender oil that are under $10.00 that I love to use at the end of the day or after a tough workout.