I am excited to be typing this post right now! I love men’s clothing that has a classic edge to it & I love when I see WOMEN rocking a tailored suit during the work day or when I see an oversized tailored sports coat on a girl with heels- it’s the perfect mix of classy, modern & edgy.

Ole Mason Jar specializes in custom suiting, sports coats and shirts & is now expanding their business to include Mason Custom.  Owners, Brad Rhyne and Filipe Ho, recognized a huge need in the market for affordable custom suiting. Filipe was born in Hong-Kong & has exposure to overseas manufacturing that provides excellent quality.

Brad, Filipe and I met back in September & boom… I met with Arcade Men’s Room and Not Just Coffee at Packard Place and got approval to shoot at both locations. I gathered a killer crew- Blogger Chad Whittington, photographer Chris Zimmerman, videographer Ro Young, and Creative Director Tim Bogert. (P.S There is something about being about being around a crew that is creatively passionate and just wanting to create cool things- it’s infectious.) I love the creative aspect of modeling just as much as I love the production side. Ok, back to suits and ties…

So, men have been getting most of the love, but guess what LADIES, Mason Custom is now doing custom suiting, shirting and blazers for you. There is NOTHING better than having pants that are a custom fit for you and a jacket that fits perfectly! Oh, the best part ladies and gents, your signature is put inside of the clothing. #dropthemic

Better news, ready?! Get 10% OFF your total order when you use code Tessa10. So, spend $400 and use the $40 you saved to buy some killer shoes like these. Go here to make your appointment or e-mail me at tessamachen@gmail.com, and don’t forget to enter code, Tessa10, to save you some dolla bills!

I will be doing a GIVEAWAY this week with Ole Mason Jar & Mason Custom on Instagram. Make sure to follow me here to WIN. Not local to Charlotte, NC? All good- custom suiting coming to you!

Stay tuned for more that I will be doing with Mason Custom!

Stay Warm Y’all,