Strong & Sexy

Well, here we go! My first post and excited for the journey ahead in collaborating with my favorite brands and bringing top fashion trends to you!

Sexy & Strong- YES, perfect title! I saw this on Women’s Health Magazine and thought it was fitting for the first post. I am all for a rock star attitude, living your life to the fullest & creative living which spills right into my love for fashion. 

I love many different looks but my favorite has to be athleisure wear. I am in sales for an IT recruiting company so I am in corporate wear Monday through Friday. There is nothing like putting in a hard days work and then coming home and slipping on a pair of my favorite socks by Feetures, pair of Nikes, sweatshirt from H&M, snapback by Wilfred & yoga pants from Fabletics. I love how you can wear these yoga pants with sneaker wedges, pair of sneakers or pair it with a heel. Check out Fabletics stores- you do not need a membership to shop there. If you are local to Charlotte go check out the store at South Park Mall. Tell them I sent you!

Check out items below, click on the image & you can purchase the item from that link. I will also post in my instagram feed & you can get details on my outfits when you like the image. Make sure to sign up on ShopStyle so you are able to receive notifications. Huge thanks to Eben Photography for all the amazing photos and so excited to be on this journey with you. We are in store for an amazing ride!