TESSA machen
TESSA machen

Tessa Marlene Machen

The Start

  • Born in New York City
  • Parents were professional models and have always lived outside of the lines
  • Grew up inspired by my grandmother, Marlene (a.k.a Mimi) who guided me to pursue design and creativity (her signature is on my wrist)
  • Always been an Entrepreneur at heart (making handmade cards when I was a kid & selling them door to door, starting my own jewelry business as a kid & started my own cleaning company by passing out flyers door to door which was my main way of paying my way through college.)

My Journey with this Website

  • Excited to show collaborations with companies and products that I am passionate about!
  • Yes, that spills over into my ever growing passion for modeling & acting! I am signed with Marilyn's agency. 
  • Paintings for sale..check! 
  • Anything to do with creating a better version of yourself daily... you got it all right here! 

Blank Canvas

  • I have so many things to share in one hand and lots of faith in the other…

Gratitude first, always. Let's kick some tail together in this journey-




'Not Your Average Makeup Bag'

'Girl Talk. Keeping it Real.'

'Free People. NYC'