TESSA machen
TESSA machen


What is Tessamachen.com?

  • My goal is to combine my love for Life, Art, Fashion, Beauty & Wellness to bring content & products that help you live a beautiful life.
  • LIFESTYLE blog topics ranging from lip injections, favorite podcasts, skin care to fitness tips.
  • An artist my whole life and I see art in everything.
  • I hope that my paintings, content, services and products (coming soon) bring you a slice of happiness (& please spread that shit around like glitter).

The Start

  • Born in New York City
  • Parents were professional models and always lived outside of the lines
  • Grew up inspired by my grandmother, Marlene (a.k.a Mimi) who guided me to pursue design and creativity (her signature is on my wrist)
  • Always been an Entrepreneur at heart (making handmade cards when I was a kid & selling them door to door, starting my own jewelry business as a kid & started my own cleaning company by passing out flyers door to door which was my main way of paying my way through college.)

Blank Canvas

Gratitude first, always. Let's kick some tail together in this journey-